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Our Concept

There are some developers in the real estate industry that “never see a deal they don’t like.”  At Medici Development Partners (MDP), we just don’t believe that’s a sustainable philosophy.  While real estate has historically been a very safe bet long term, there is no question it can be one of the more volatile investments at times.  MDP is no stranger to this as we opened our doors during one of the most difficult stretches in the history of the US commercial real estate market.  While others saw only challenges, we saw an opportunity.  With our first deal, we were able to acquire a piece of land at a steep discount and deliver a return of 300% to our investment partners in less than 9 months.

Finding deals is easy.  Finding opportunities is hard.  Our conservative strategy ensures we remain dedicated to only those opportunities that meet – and exceed – our partner’s objectives.  It is this old-fashioned approach that allows Medici Development Partners to create lasting value for the partnership.

Meet Our Founder & Managing Partner

Jeffrey Medici

Jeffrey P. Medici is Founder and Managing Partner of Medici Development Partners, LLC.  In this role, Jeff leads the firm’s development and investment strategy ultimately setting the overall direction of the firm.


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